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These are a few of our favorite photos.

Missouri/arch.JPG Missouri/MissRiver2.JPG Missouri/MissRiver1.JPG

These are pictures taken from the Jefferson Barracks Bridge entering Missouri on June 13, 2008.  The river was very high at the time due to heavy rainfalls.
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This is Russ in one of his sillier moments.


The picture to the left is one that was taken of us when we first met.  Above is our wedding day, June 15 2000.  The wind was quite active that day and right after this picture was taken, Karen's dress was blown up over her head LOL.


This is Karen, trying to be serious while stifling a laugh behind her clenched hands.


Above:  with Russ' Daughter Tina and son-in-law AJ.  They drove down all the way from Alaska to visit with everyone in the family.
Right:  Russ' son and his family.  Standing is Cheyenne, Dee, Russ, and Jennifer.  Kneeling is Lisa, with Little Russ sitting on Uncle Mike's lap (Dee's brother).


Above:  with Karen's son Brian at a family gathering. 
Right:  Grandma and Grandpa with all the darling grandchildren during a visit to St. Louis on Father's Day 2007.


All the Russells, together on Father's day 2006.  From left to right, Russell R, Russell D, Russell L, and Russell J.  They get sillier every generation! 




Skeeter Marie, our pure-bred Chihuahua who passed away May 18, 2007 at the ripe ol' age of 18 years.  She was a family pet, but when Russ' dad fell he couldn't take care of her so we brought her up to live with us.  She was a friend to everyone.