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This is the pet page.  Right now we have a cat, her name is Missy Dawg.  She found us in September 2007 by wandering onto the patio and taking up residence.  
She is almost 2 years old at this time (2008) according to estimates by the Vet. 
She is very sweet, and loves attention.
Missy is very playful and we think she chases ghosts. She can be sitting or laying very quietly, then all of a sudden get up and run as if she is chasing something.  She stops dead in her tracks and looks upward at the wall, or table, or sometimes jumps on the washer as if she is trying to get to something higher up. 
She is a source of hours of amusement for us with her antics.
Missy lounging in her usual manner

We decided one nice day in late April to let Missy outside while we worked in the yard.  She didn't wander too far, stayed in the yard, exploring and stalking anything that moved.
While I was pulling weeds from the flower beds around the tree, she stretched out on the grass to watch me and soak up the sun.
I got up to get my coffee from the patio and when I looked back, she was standing there, surveying the tree.  The birds had been very busy singing and chattering and I guess she figured they were calling to her, so up she went.  It didn't take her long to get up to the crook of the tree, but when she did, she looked down and realized how high she was.  All she did was sit there meowing at me.  Lucky for her Brian was home and got his ladder off his truck and rescued her. 
I don't think she will be doing that again any time soon.  Not long after she was rescued, she went to the back door and cried to go in.  She got a drink of water, ate a little food, and then laid down in her bed and slept for the next 3 hours.  All that excitement wore her out.  Poor thing!

Adventurous kitty climbed the tree in the yard

Brian to the rescue!!!

Always in the middle of things
Missy Dawg is guarding all the new jewelry making supplies.
What a sweet face!
She is so innocent looking!
This is her sly look...
"I'm watching you!"
Glowing Eyes!!
This is her devil look!